ALP's Journey: Where Fashion Meets Athleticism

In the vibrant world of fashion and sports, ALP emerges as a revolutionary force, challenging the norms that once confined athletes and individuals to monochrome sportswear. Our inception was fueled by a vision to infuse fashion with athleticism, and here's how it all began.

Founder Sahal Baji's frustration with the lack of well-fitted, patterned, and quality clothing for his family members sparked the realization that India faced a significant challenge in linking fashion with sports. ALP was born out of the desire to bridge this gap, making fashion-forward athletic wear more accessible, affordable, and suitable for the dynamic needs of the youth and beyond.

What sets ALP apart is its commitment to quality without compromising on accessibility. Our roots proudly stem from India, driving us to become the epitome of athleisure wear. ALP's apparel transcends specific sports, designed to be worn anywhere from a tennis court to a gym or even a leisurely walk, turning heads wherever you go.

Join us on this journey where fashion meets athleticism, and together, we redefine the rules of the game.

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